Jumat, 14 September 2018

SMA Labschool Kemayoran - Skyavenue 2018

SMA Labschool Kemayoran - Skyavenue 2018
SKY AVENUE 2018: Reviving The Inanimate Realm

Let us bring you to a different dimension; A World of Cartoonized Realm. Where all aspects of objects can express themselves freely, without having  the need to have logical or rational explanations.
Experience the inanimate realm by joining us to the animated stage of this year’s SKY AVENUE 2018 at Istora Senayan, on 15th September 2018!
Guests who will be part of this exciting adventure with us are none other than RAN, HiVi, Sheila On 7, Matter Halo, Fourtwnty, Maliq & D’essentials, and Johnny Stimson!

For more information:

Instagram: @skyavenue

Line: @skyavenue (with @) Twitter: @skyavenue18

Website: www.skyavenue.id


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